Workers Memorial Day: Safe Jobs Save Lives!

This Saturday we are honoring one of our own.  Sadly in 2006, we had a fatality in Plattsburgh. Local 83 member Timothy Pellerin, a 1st class line mechanic - came into contact with power lines and lost his life on June 27th. He left behind a family and his dad was a line mechanic as well. I personally went through training with Tim. I know that all the prayers and condolences won't bring Tim back, but I am going to the Workers Memorial Day event below at the Binghamton Factory Fire Memorial Plaque on the Riverwalk on Saturday, April 28th at 12:00 noon to reflect on Timothy's life, and remember him as we all did. Free t-shirts will be given out to all Local 83 members who attend. So feel free to join me. You can send this message out on facebook to help spread the word. Together let us let the Pellerin family know that we have never forgot Tim, and he will forever remain in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless and see you Saturday. - Leo Yanez, Business Manager of Local 83 IBEW.