Happy Labor Day Local 10

Message from Business Manager Mike Lutz
This coming Monday is Labor Day. This is your holiday. As you relax with family and friends and enjoy the end of the summer, take some pride in being part of all that organized labor has done to make the workplace and our job sites better and safer for all working Americans. 
Labor created standards like the 8 hour day, 40 hour work week, overtime, lunch breaks, the Family Medical Leave Act, sick leave, child labor laws, minimum wage, OSHA, workers compensation, holiday pay, pensions, collective bargaining, a grievance procedure, health insurance, wage increases and so much more. 
Unions fought to get all of these rights, services and standards so that all workers, union or not, could have a better life. The IBEW has been around for over 100 years, and we have shared in these fights and have been part of labor's rich and proud history. We will continue to fight to preserve all that we have accomplished while also fighting to make work better. So enjoy the Labor Day weekend and be proud to be union and share this message with your friends, neighbors and relatives. On behalf of the leadership of Local 10 we wish you and your family a Happy and safe Labor Day!