Happy Thanksgiving Local 83!

Have a wonderful Turkey Day 
Message from Business Manager Leo Yanez
Brothers and Sisters, we just celebrated Veterans Day on November 11th; A day to recognize and honor the American heroes, from past and present campaigns. I believe that one day is not enough to express our thanks and gratitude to the service men and women that keep our Country safe. Everyday we should make the effort to acknowledge the sacrifice this individuals make for us. A very special thanks you goes to all the IBEW members who have served or are now serving this great Country.
That being said, Thanksgiving is upon us. We all have something or someone we are thankful for. As this holiday gets closer, please remember all those less fortunate. People facing economic hard times due to sickness and personal loss. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers as you get ready to enjoy a tasty meal with family and friends. As usual please enjoy the holidays responsibly, always have a designated driver if you are going to be traveling. So from your local office and staff have a wonderful "turkey day" and continue to make safety a daily habit.