Member Feedback: Thank You's

Thank you for your generous donation to the American Heart Association in memory of Claude Davis. We appreciate you honoring his memory in such a thoughtful way.
Michael Davis and Family 
Dear IBEW Local Union No. 83,
Thank you very much for selecting me to the recipient of one of eight $500 Scholarship Awards for the year of 2013. At this time I have successfully completed the 2013 Fall Semester at Binghamton University as a full-time student. As per the instructions included with the letter I received, this letter contains one copy of my official transcript.
This scholarship award will give me the opportunity to further my education as I prepare to enter into my final semester at Binghamton University. this scholarship will also aid me after my graduation as I will be applying to and attending law school. Thank you very much for this award and the opportunity it will provide me to further my education.
Kyle Armstrong
Dear Brother Leo Yanez,
I must resign my appointment as Shop Steward for IBEW Liberty Local 83.6 since I will be retiring from NYSEG after 42 plus years of service on April 1, 2014.
Being a member and appointee of IBEW Local 83 has been a source of pride for me and I have benefited, enjoyed and learned so much from this experience. Because of the strength and dedication of our officers and membership over the years I have ben able to provide a good life for myself and my family and I am able to retire with confidence. I am grateful for local 83 of the IBEW and the benefits in our contracts that they provide in safety, wages, health and working conditions.
I would like to especially thank our current Unit Chair Christopher Smith, Recorder Melissa Trask and Business Agent Don Tuttle for theta leadership and counsel. They continue to do consistent, ethical work in a time when there is little respect for our union and its representatives for all that they do for each of us every day and all they have accomplished over the past years. Without their leadership and the IBEW, NYSEG employees would be in the same situation as the majority of American workers today.
I am so thankful and wish you all continued success in your endeavors to keep our employees safe and well compensated for the vital services they provide.
Diane E. Budd