Welcome to Local 10

Message from Business Manager Mike Lutz
Greetings Brothers and Sisters, I hope this email finds you all doing well. As you may be aware, Local 10 is a newly reorganized local union, merging locals 83, 249, 966 and 1143. My name is Mike Lutz and I am the Business Manager. Go to our website at ibew10.org to see the leadership list. It has been a long process and we have completed all our filings with the IRS and Department of Labor. Our local has some contracts to negotiate and we are preparing for negotiations with NYSEG. No dates have been scheduled just yet, but we will of course keep you in the loop as those dates develop.
I want to welcome all of you to this newly reorganized local union, and please encourage your fellow Local 10 members to get us their personal email and cell phone numbers if they are not receiving this Members Only email. We are happy to announce that we are going to do a communications upgrade. We will soon be launching a mobile-friendly website and we will be sending out this official email regularly, with an occasional blast text message with pertinent information important to you.
Our new mobile friendly website will have an even easier to use navigation menu with redesigned news updates and news feeds from the both the IBEW and AFL-CIO. Our new website will look great, not only on your PC, but on your tablets and smart phones. We will be developing an app-like shortcut so you can always be up to date with what's going on with Local 10 when on the go. Next week, a photographer will be visiting our members in Geneva, Auburn, Lancaster and Lockport to grab new images for our mobile-friendly website. Most areas will have a photographer visit before the launch of the new website. Thank you once again for your hard work, feel free to visit our current website for meeting dates and as always make safety a daily habit.