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  • Be Fit for Duty When You Arrive at Work

    When you come into work, you are declaring that you are "fit for duty."  Whether you are coming in for your regular work day or you accept a call out.  Many of us are subject to random drug and alcohol testing and therefore have some knowledge of what is  expected of us on this subject. However,...

  • What Does My Union do for Me?

    A while ago I had a few members of Local Union 10 IBEW ask me "What does the union do for me anyway?" I was more than a little surprised to get that question from our own members. We talked about negotiating the collective bargaining agreement, improving safety, processing grievances, and handling...

  • Issues with Seeing Job Postings

    After recent discussions with the Company concerning everyone being able to see job postings that works for NYSEG, it seems that the "search filters" may be the problem. When looking for job postings on the system, don't use any search filters. This way you will be able to see all of the jobs...

  • Skilled Safety Panel Appointments

    Any Local Union 10 NYSEG employees that are interested in being appointed to the Skilled Safety Panel corresponding with the job you do, please send an email to Business Manager Bonker at the Local Union office. All interested members will then be considered for appointment to the panel.

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    Binghamton Meeting Location Change

    Due to the building being sold, Binghamton union meetings will now be held at:   AMERICAN LEGION POST #1305 820 LOWER STELLA IRELAND ROAD BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK 13905 The time and date will remain the same.

  • Don't Screw Over Your Union Brothers and Sisters

    Local Union 10 IBEW against Union Incest! Don't screw your Union Brothers and Sisters!   Do I have your attention now? We have enough outside forces doing everything they can to bring about the demise of the unions. There are the corporations, the politicians, billionaires, the list goes on. Don't...

  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Local 10

    Please enjoy some Christmas and New Year's quotes from people who said it better than I can.   "It is the personal thoughtfulness, the warm human awareness, the reaching out of the self to one's fellow man that makes giving worthy of the Christmas spirit." Isabel Currier   "If you can't wrap...

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    UCOMM Blog: A Tribute to Ed Hill

    Back in 2014 UCOMM covered the NYC Labor Day Parade. That year, the Business Manager of Local 3 IBEW was the Grand Marshall and thousands of IBEW members marched in celebration of not just their leader and themselves, but they marched in triumph of all labor had fought for and accomplished over the...

  • Be Thankful for What You Have

    Already the time has come for Americans to gather with family and friends for a day of food and football, Thanksgiving is upon us. The tradition started in the Plymouth Colony Massachusetts 1621. Two hundred years later Abe Lincoln declared the final Thursday of November a national holiday....

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    Make Sure Your Signed Up for COPE

    "IF YOU ARE NOT AT THE TABLE, YOU ARE ON THE MENU!"   If you are not signed up to donate to COPE (Committee on Political Education), please contact the Local Union 10 IBEW office and ask to sign up. A dollar a week would be very helpful.  

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    Welcoming Our New Business Agent

    I would like to introduce to you Brother Roman Cefali. Roman will be Business Agent for the Lancaster, Hornell, Geneva-Auburn, Ithaca, Elmira and Binghamton areas. Brother Cefali has been an Executive Board member and longtime steward, bringing that experience to the job. He started with NYSEG in...

  • Local 10 Union Election

    Another Local Union 10 election cycle has come and gone.  I would first like to thank everyone who ran for office.  It is a big commitment and that should be appreciated by all in our local.  Gratitude should also go to those who took the time to vote in the election.  Personally, I would like...

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    Union Election Results

    Below are the results from our recent union election. Congratulations to everyone who voted, ran, and especially to our winners. BUSINESS MANAGER: GARY L. BONKER PRESIDENT: RICH PRICE VICE PRESIDENT: SHELL JACKSON SECRETARY:  CARRIE QUACKENBUSH TREASURER: CAROL ANN AMORANDO EXECUTIVE BOARD...

  • Create a "We" Workplace

    "The power of an organization is the capacity generated by relationships. Those who relate through coercion, or in disregard of others, create negative energy. Those who are open to others and who see others in their fullness create positive energy." -Margaret Wheatley   "Me workplace": These...

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    You Must Re-Enroll During Open Enrollment


  • Time is the Only Resource that you Can Never Get Back

    When I was young (which is quite a while ago now) and it was a holiday, everything was closed. You bought your groceries ahead of time. Time was valued more then it seems. People wanted their time off from work to enjoy themselves and their family.   People were not chained to large ...