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    Resolutions at the IBEW Convention

    One of the roles of IBEW Convention delegate is to look at and vote on the resolutions that will help govern the IBEW over the next five years.  Below are the resolutions that were voted on.  Passed Resolutions: Resolution No. 1: Renewed a commitment to the 10-year-old Code of Excellence and states...

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    UCOMM Blog: The skinny on union conventions

    This week, two major unions are holding their union conventions. For those who are not in a union, a convention might seem a little nerdy or it might seem like one big party - but that couldn't be further from the truth. A union convention serves as a scheduled time where elected representatives...

  • Happy Labor Day Local 10

    Labor Day is upon us once again. Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of the American worker. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity...

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    Gov. Cuomo signs Utility Worker Assault Bill

    Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today signed legislation that will strengthen protections for employees who are prone to assault. The measure elevates assaults on utility workers (S2251-A / A4738-A), station and terminal cleaners (S8104 / A10048-B), and process servers (S2991-A / A6772-A) from a...

  • Hours of Work Agreement

    Concerning the "Hours of Work" Memorandum of Agreement, or as it is more commonly referred to "17/7." This agreement was made for the safety of thepeople working for NYSEG. No other reason! It certainly was not created for management to manipulate! It was created for your safety. Go home and rest...

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    NYS Utility Labor Council Lobbies Governor Cuomo on the Utility Worker Assault Bill

    This week the Utility Worker Assault bill was sent to Governor Andrew Cuomo's desk.  IBEW 1049's Pat Guidice went on Capital Tonight to talk about why the Governor needs to sign the bill.  Click the image above to watch his entire interview. Below is a Letter to the Editor that appeared in Monday's...

  • Work Safely

    We recently attended a 3rd District Workshop in July. These meetings are a free exchange of information, questions and ideas between Business Managers of IBEW Local Unions in the 3rd District. Topics can include contracts, accidents, arbitrations, organizing, etc.   The reason I bring this up to...

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    Condolences to the Sandecki Family

    It is with deepest regret that we announce the passing of Brother Thomas F. Sandecki of Lockport, NY on July 23, 2016. Mr. Sandecki was a IBEW member for fifteen years and was an employee of NYSEG.  Memorials can be sent to "Save-a-Pet," Niagara County, P.O. Box 114, Newfane, New York 14108.

  • Your Right to Vote

    Voting for Americans is a civic duty. A privilege that has been hard fought to win and keep. To vote you must be a United States citizen and eighteen years of age. You cannot be a felon currently serving your sentence or mentally incompetent and vote. Voting is free and voluntary. It has also been...

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    Welcome Heorot Power

    Heorot Power is now operating the Somerset Power Plant near Barker, New York and the Cayuga Power Plant in Lansing, New York. Local Union 10 IBEW, welcomes Heorot Power and is proud to have it's members working at these operating facilities.

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    Safety Panel

    Local 10 IBEW is happy to report that five members per classification are now able to be appointed to the Skilled Safety Panel.

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    Lineman Appreciation Day

    July 10 is Lineman Appreciation Day, commemorating the contributions of the men and women who bring electricity to the U.S. economy and honoring the legacy of Henry Miller, one of the founders of the IBEW on the anniversary of his death. Electrical lineworkers construct and maintain the vast...

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    Happy Fourth of July

    Happy Fourth of July to you all. We hope you and yours have a happy, safe, holiday weekend as you celebrate Independence Day.  As you do, take a minute to reflect on the independence you enjoy as a member of Local 10 IBEW. You have financial independence, union workers make thirty percent more than...

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    Enjoy a Union, Made in the USA 4th of July

    Summer is here, the sun is out and the celebration of our country's independence is almost here! The Fourth of July is an explosion of festivities and gatherings, and we at Labor 411 want you to be well stocked. From flags to ice cream to beer, we've got the goods to make your party the best, all...

  • What is a union?

    The dictionary tells us that Unions are: An organized association of workers, often in a trade or profession, formed to protect and further their rights and interests.  Fair enough, but that doesn't tell the whole story. Unions began in the mid-nineteenth century. They've been around a long time....

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    The Utility Worker Assault Bill Passes Senate and Assembly

    As the recent New York Legislative session ended in Albany, Utility Workers got a major victory as the Utility Worker Assault Bill passed in the State Senate and State Assembly.  The bill now heads to Governor Andrew Cuomo's desk for approval.  Good job to everyone who helped to get this law passed